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The coming year is well aspected for a happy and new life. The years of the Rabbit are: , , , , , , , , , He will find himself in great demand and as usual well be meeting and making new friends.

Scorpio horoscope 12222:

The affairs of the heart will be well aspected. This is the year for romance for the Rabbit. The Year of the Pig will have some surprises and pleasing successes. He will find opportunities at every door. Contacts from the past pay off this year. Travel is well aspected. Some of the travel will be work related and will prove an excellent way to advance their prospects. They may find themselves in some interesting situations while away from home.

The Rabbit should be careful if a new interest for investing arises. Do not invest in something you have not carefully investigated. As a rule, Rabbits are careful in financial matters. His year should be a wonderful year on the domestic front with great support from family and loved ones.

This year will prove to be a particular busy time so be careful and not overload yourself with too many commitments. Try to make time for personal interests in hobbies and creative activities. It is a way to relax. This will be an enjoyable year for the Rabbit. The years of the Dragon are, , , , , , , , , The Year of the Pig will be a positive year for the Dragon…a year where the Dragon will be able to put his ideas in form.

Opportunities arise around work related projects. This is also an excellent year for financial matters with many Dragons receiving extra income. Learning opportunities arise and over the year much satisfaction is gained through his achievements. Some Dragons will be faced with change around their work environment.

Dragons will have an opportunity to add to their experience through new advances with work related matters.

Personality and characteristics

Through the experience the Dragon could make change in the direction he is going with his work. The year will provide the Dragon with busy times but he should make sure he sets aside time for his personal activities. The Dragon is always supported by loved ones and should listen to the advise of those who care for him. He is independent but he will benefit from the advise of loved ones this year. If single, romance is around the corner.

SCORPIO Year of the DOG (Yang Earth) Chinese Astrology Horoscope 2018, 2078…

He should act upon his ideas and follow through even if it means making changes. The Years of the Snake are: , , , , , , , , , , The year of the Pig will be an active one for the Snake allowing him to build on past achievements. A great deal of personal activity is on the horizon. Many Snakes have already had changes and are relatively new at what they are doing. Snakes always like to have a secure base from which to observe and build a strong foundation. This is a year of opportunity for Snakes and should be alert to any offer that comes through. Snakes also need to be careful I his personal life as the Horse can play tricks with his emotions.

Romance can bring happiness but also some disappointments. This is a year where the Snake should be aware of the feelings of those he cares about. Snakes who fall in love this year need to go slowly and be considerate if they want the relationship to last. Snakes will be meeting new friends and attending many social functions.

The Snake should give considerable attention to his well-being, get plenty of rest and eat properly. This is not a year for the Snake to take risks with his financial situations, however if he is careful his financial matters improve. The years of the Horse are: , , , , , , , , , This will be a pleasing year for the Horse.

What's my Chinese Sign?

The Horse can look forward to a promising active year. You will be offered an opportunity to take on extra responsibilities. The horse will have a chance for a higher position. Some Horse may indeed, have some setbacks but many will find this an opportunity to made a sufficient change in their career. Some natives will take on extra skills or promote their talent by doing some freelance work. Horse will have an increase in money matters. As horseSheep love to spend what they make this is a year they should be careful and be aware of how they spend their money.

This is a good year for personal matters. You will enjoy many family activities including unexpected outings and short trips. Also my husband such a lovely , kindly person to everyone. If my husband are very nice to his friends or his parent. So just let he is , and try to relax , try to stop thinking about he pay somebody else attention better than to me. I think my life get better. It's me , it's true.

But I try to change my habit and way of thinking. And I think other people now view me as "very kind person" , " not drama" , "generous" , "fun" and "easy going" P. I still get hurt easily from friends , sisters brothers and my husband by small little things but I don't really show off and be drama as when i was younger Robert Yes, totally. She is a bit nuts, finally, she said, you haven't been in my e-mail account have you? When I confronted her, all she had was, well you know my e-mail account. Russell Any Scorpio Snake women born in the years and want to chat with your compatibile Capricorn Rooster then contact me Russell at yahrusso58 yahoo.

I am more than interested in know what you are all about. Cheers and have a great day. Scorpion-Snake girl That's all true except the fact that I'm a homebody person and I'm not good at communicating. Moreover I'm too much proud, enough proud to think that this combination Scorpion-Snake is the best of the zodiac!

12222 Chinese Horoscopes Pig Year for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

Long live Snakes :P. November 6th !! My father and my daughter are both snakes but I am the only Scorpio snake. Spot on Makes me feel better about myself and my personality I love to be on my own..

Misha We are born the same day and year. Veronica I feel like I'm typing this! Robert If someone wrongs me, I spend many sleepless nights. I feel compelled to get revenge. And when I do, it is very soothing, and I can relax, and sleep again. Annette Wallis That is powerful. Thank you for sharing Robert. If you have more, I would love to experience it.

Feel free to contact me on Face Book. I am in Australia. Aries Rooster.

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Dianna I, too, am a Scorpio snake. I really identify with your clever and multi-layered poem. Well done. SS53 This truth hits home but the personality is more complicated I guess. It would great to speak with others with this combination.