Capricorn weekly horoscope for february 10 2020

This month you might receive unexpected news concerning a friend that you have not heard from for a long time.

Read between the lines as deceiving circumstances could be surrounding this; do not agree to anything that you do not like unless you could bring your point of view into the matter as there could be something hitting you in your area of shared resources. This January, there is a big concentration of activity in the area of your highest hopes and wishes, especially after the 15th.

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You could see many of then come to reality. Your highest ideals and hopes are very much in the spotlight this month and restlessness to change direction in your life is setting in. Restrictions connected to your home life could be getting easier at this time, but your desire for changes is being curtailed somehow by your responsibilities at your home base.

The workload at the place of employment seems to continue in a very busy mode, and this presents a great deal of restrictions to you. These are, however, restrictions that are self imposed — readjustment on this should be called for as this situation could bring you lots of feelings of instability. There could, though, be negotiations you could come to a meeting of minds and a satisfactory conclusion, but you have to stop thinking one thing today and another one tomorrow.

You will be having many different changes in your way of thinking connected to your place of employment, as many changes have been occurring that might not be completely to your liking. A mature personal friend could be reminding you about your personal values before you look into speculation that does not meet all the specifications required in your book.

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Something is being hidden from you. This is a month that will be full of surprises in reference to your join resources and outside sources of income. Spouse or partner might not see things the way you do as lack of understanding is present, an explanation could be necessary.

The lesson should be learned well and do not let worries override your way of thinking as you are very clear in your understanding in this matter. Friendly harmony between you and your mate should be present in spite of some disagreement concerning your home surroundings. This could be resolved with friendly and loving communication, as long as you do not let any worry upset you as things could be worked out easily. It is best that you make the effort to put a limit on how far to let this energy take you. Keep your thoughts to yourself instead of processing them aloud for everyone else to hear.

Keep a damper on things or else you are likely to put your foot in your mouth at the worst possible time.

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Dealing with other people could be a source of tension for you. A half-hearted attitude on the part of family members, or your friends, might irritate you a little today. There are tasks to be taken care of that others seem to be ignoring! Don't yield to the temptation to get angry. Simply ask for assistance, calmly but firmly. You might be surprised at the results! The positive effects from this conversation will almost certainly be felt for weeks to come. November horoscope: A tough few weeks await You lack enthusiasm and willpower during the first half of the month , but an intriguing proposition on the 19th will force ambition back into your heart.

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However, come November 26th, and romance makes a return in a big way. How people around the world prefer to sleep. Read more. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Did you find the story interesting?

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Everything has a way of balancing for you, Libra, and you may find that the more integrated work and home situation is the right fit for now. Venus enters your leisure sector, where it will remain for 28 days, and life feels far sweeter than it did in the past few weeks. Self-care is not self indulgent, and spending time playing, focusing on friendships, and picking up hobbies can be incredibly balancing.

You have more support than you think. Today is a great day to really stay true to your principles. You may have been feeling a bit removed even from those nearest and dearest to you, and today is a time to mend those ties, kick back, and revel in the little things that make up a sweet life. It may be worth giving them the benefit of the doubt, or at least seriously considering what they say.

Is it due for a shakeup? While life may be fun, pleasurable, and downright sensual with Venus in your sign, this planetary aspect is asking that you do more than just enjoy yourself.

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What are you looking for out of life? Ask, and Venus can help you receive ….